Smartwatches: For or against?

smart-watch-821557_640Loved, hated, ignored controversial. Perhaps more acutely than other product categories, the smartwatches up polarized views wherever they go. So today it’s Friday and walk the mood of heated debate, we asked Are you for or against?

Small nuance: we speak of smartwatches not of wearables , Google Glasses and variants. That reduces us the spectrum a few: the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear S, the Huawei Watch, the Motorola Moto G if we consider those already on the market and Moto Gear 2 and G 2 when you consider which they were presented at IFA.

My particular case: Apple Watch use a daily and sometimes I have not been feeling over something “I need”, if only because I happened to look at the mobile triple usual. That said, the device has yet to be baked slightly, especially for loading speed and native applications. My favorite applications: Telegram, Workflow and Kronos (a small app that allows me to control Sonos and music playing in the house).

It’s your turn. Ignite your comments with acid but moderate tone. Happy Friday.


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