Enabling Apple iOS News 9 for any country

With the latest version of iOS, Apple introduced an application Flipboard-like news. News comes preinstalled on Apple iOS 9, but for now only available in the US so it is hidden in other countries. You can turn in a minute.

To do this, go to Settings> General> Language and Region> Region and select United States. No need to change the system language. The “News” icon is displayed on the home screen of the iPhone (or iPad).

The first time you open the application we have to choose some topics and sources that we like to Apple News can select content that interests us. The interface is very simple, and more than a magazine seem that we are using a feed reader.

Besides the main tab, the news filtered according to our interests, we have to explore other sources ( The New York Times , BuzzFeed , Bloomberg , Condé Nast , WIRED and many media that are added to the application). Also a search engine, suggested channels and a list of saved stories to read later.


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