Edward Snowden reveals why we have not yet connected with aliens

Edward Snowden believes that the encryption could make it difficult or even impossible to distinguish alien signals from cosmic background radiation.

On September 18, Edward Snowden participated in ‘StarTalk‘ program podcast of the famous American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, reports The Guardian.

The conversation revolved mainly around the probability that data encryption is to blame for the difficulty of intercepting messages from aliens.

According to Snowden, as human and alien societies are increasingly sophisticated and are moving from the ‘open communication’ to ‘encrypted communication’ mutual signals do not seem recognizable.

“If an extraterrestrial civilization comes to listening to other civilizations or our civilization tries to listen to the aliens, there is only a short period in the development process of these societies in which all communication will be sent by most primitive and least protected media,” he explained .

After this period, he says, the extraterrestrials messages would be encrypted so that we would be unable to distinguish the cosmic background radiation. This would not give mankind even notice you received those messages.


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